Aberdeen Unitarians

Aberdeen Unitarians

43a Skene Terrace, Aberdeen

AB10 1RN

Conditions For Using Our Premises

We support and encourage community groups and organisations to use our premises in Skene Terrace.
In return, we ask for a reasonable donation to cover our heating, lighting and other costs, in accordance with the amounts we have detailed in Section 15.

We do have some conditions about the way the premises can be used and these are described below along with a form which we ask you to complete in order to obtain our approval. Before making a booking please note that access to our building may not be suitable for some people with disabilities. (See Section 12).

In the first instance we ask you to contact our Secretary or Hall Co-ordinator at aberdeenunitarians@gmail.com to check whether the building is available when you want it and to go over the Conditions For Using Our Premises form. These people will also be the contacts to use if you experience any problems with your use of the building.

Please read the information about our conditions and if you have any questions, contact us.

We can confirm that the premises are adequately insured for fire and related liability risks for which we are legally responsible. Our Public Liability Certificate is displayed on the notice board in our foyer.

However, it is essential that groups and organisations using the premises have their own public liability insurance appropriate to their activities. We ask to see a copy of your relevant certificates and retain proof of having seen this in the form of a signature.

You may use the premises for the activities or meetings that you agreed with us beforehand.

Please note that public performances of music or drama will need a special licence.

Respect and equality of opportunity for all are core principles of Unitarians and an integral requirement of our charitable status. We cannot allow activities in the building which contravene these principles and we will terminate our agreement with you if there is evidence that these principles are not maintained.

We also ask you to make sure your activities comply with our Safeguarding Policy.

Regular users are requested to keep us advised of breaks in their programmes – e.g. Christmas, Easter, Summer holiday breaks etc. Please use email contact if possible.

Please also keep us aware of any changes in the details for the nominated contact person or any changes in your public liability insurance cover.

If your group is a regular user, we will provide keys for access to the parts of the building you can use. We will ask you to sign a form confirming that you have received keys from us at the start of your tenure.

One copy of the key is made available to the person named as contact for your group. If you absolutely need a second key, for security reasons you must contact us before getting a duplicate made. All keys must be handed over to us at the end of your tenure.

Labels on key rings or keys must not specify the church address, for the same reason.

You must report any lost keys as quickly as possible. If it is necessary for us to change the locks as a result of your key(s) being lost or not returned to us at the end of your tenure, you may be charged for the cost of this.

Please make sure that the doors are locked when you leave.

Normally the hot air heating will be left at a low setting and can be easily and quickly adjusted as required by turning up the thermostat. The thermostat is located on the back wall of the main hall.

We would ask that the thermostat is turned down after use as it may be some time before the hall is used again.

One toilet is marked as suitable for disabled use.

When leaving the premises, please do a final check of both toilets to make sure everything is in order, clean and secure.

If your group has agreed access to the kitchen, you can use the water boiler, kettle and mugs etc. for making teas and coffees. You must bring in your own consumables.

Please make sure that everything is left clean and tidy and that any sockets and lights you may have used are switched off.

If your activity involves offering food or drink you must ensure that food hygiene law is complied with.

The floor is suitable for normal activities and for dancing or exercise.

Please take care with tables and chairs to avoid scraping the floor surface. If using floor powder for dancing activities, please brush over the floor before you leave. The brushes are in the little cupboard to the left of the main hall just as you come through the door.

The fire exits are both to the front of the building. The Emergency Exit, which is operated by a panic bar, is down the passageway on the left as you exit the hall towards the foyer. For safety, these exits must be kept clear at all times.

You must advise your group of the emergency exit and fire safety procedures.

In the event of a power failure, emergency lighting will come on automatically in the main hall and foyer.

There are two small First Aid kits in the building – one by the heating thermostat in the Main Hall and one in the wooden box on the bookshelf in the Emergency Exit corridor. You are free to use these but please let us know as soon as possible of any incident involving the use of a kit – for incident recording and box refilling purposes.

Due to the building’s close proximity to the pavement, it is not possible to provide wheelchair access. There are also steps at the front of the building with handrails.

There are stairs to the Inkson Room on the first floor.

There is a loop hearing system available in the main hall. Please ask for advice on use if required.

One toilet is marked is suitable for disabled use.

If you intend to use the TV screen as projection for a laptop presentation, you must advise us beforehand. We will provide guidance for this.

The church has no private parking and street parking is limited. There is an NCP car park close by on Skene Terrace which can be paid by an NCP app. The public car parks at Chapel Street and Denburn are within walking distance. Bus and train links are available to the city centre.


Single use of Main Hall
£40 for up to two hours use.
£20 per hour thereafter

Single Use of Inkson Room
£26 for up to two hours use.
£13 per hour thereafter

Regular Use of Main Hall
£15 per hour

Regular Use of Inkson Room
£10 per hour

Kitchen Use (per session)
£8 or £12 depending on level of use

Screen (per session)


Donations can be made in a number of ways. Details available from the Secretary or Hall Co-ordinator.

  • Single Event – cheque or bank transfer to be paid by date of event
  • Regular Sessions – Cheque or Bank Transfer monthly in advance.


Application for use of Aberdeen Unitarians Premises

This form is appended to the ‘Conditions for Using our Premises’ form and should be completed and signed by a nominated representative of any organisation or group wishing to proceed.

Click here to view the PDF version of the form.

Our Facilities

With the warm atmosphere and friendly conversation of the Terrace Community Cafes and various activity groups, all who need and want it are provided with a brief respite from the day-to-day pressures of daily life.

For the past few years, the Church has been a certificated Fairtrade Church and works hard to promote Fairtrade awareness through all of its activities. The Church also participates each year in a variety of ways as part of Fairtrade Fortnight.

The Church participates in the City ”Doors Open” day in early September highlighting the activities of those who use the Church premises.


The MAIN HALL on the ground floor, which has a sprung wooden floor and 4m high suspended ceiling, has a flexible seating capacity for around 70 people. There is a raised dais at one end. A sound system with hearing loop is available.

Aberdeen Unitarians Hall
Aberdeen Unitarians Hall

A roller serving hatch gives access to a small kitchen which can be used for the preparation of light refreshments.


Both Ladies and Gents toilets, including an accessible toilet are accessed off the entry foyer.

Aberdeen Unitarians

The INKSON ROOM on the upper floor has been recently refurbished and offers a comforting and calming environment. This 30m2 space is ideal for meetings and has a flexible seating arrangement for around 20 people.

Aberdeen Unitarians

A large number of folding tables are available for use in either space.

A laptop projector and Smart screen can also be provided.

Heating throughout is provided by warm air.

How to get There

Our church is situated in the centre of Aberdeen, close to Union Terrace Gardens and is easily accessed from any bus going to the city centre. For those arriving by car, there are several options.

  • Parking in Skene Terrace and in the surrounding streets behind the church is free of charge on Sundays until 13.00.

  • There are two covered car parks, run by Aberdeen City Council, which are approximately a three minute walk away and also free on Sunday mornings. These are located at Chapel Street and Denburn.

  • There is also a car park about 100 yards from the church, which is operated by NCP.


Unfortunately, since the church entrance is off the steeply inclined Skene Terrace, wheelchair access is problematical, although not impossible with advance notice. The access stairs have railings, including a central section.