Aberdeen Unitarians



Everyone is invited to join with our community at Skene Terrace if they are interested in what we do or want to learn more about our Unitarian faith. When the church is open we also welcome anyone who wants to use a quiet space for reflection, prayer or meditation with no interference or questions. Visitors can rely on getting a cup of tea or coffee. Anything stronger is reserved for special occasions!

Most people in our community have been with the church for some time. They give and take support from others here, sharing experiences, trials and tribulations and concerns about the world. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and occupations, bringing with them valuable experience. Some attend the Sunday services and might even contribute to our services with a reading or musical piece. Others just enjoy the activities we host or join in the Café mornings.


Every organisation has to have a structure as a means of directing and managing the work it does.

At the heart of our community we have our membership. Not everyone who comes along to activities or services wants to become a member and that’s fine with us but for those wanting to be involved with the decisions we make, joining up as a member is a very good start.

How to become a member

Each year in March or April we hold an Annual General Meeting in the church. Members are all invited to take part in this. We report on everything that has happened through the year and our Treasurer presents a statement on our financial affairs. At that meeting we also elect our Committee.


The Committee consists of a proportion of our members who have agreed to meet once a month and make decisions about our finances, activities, communications and arrange for the services that will be held in the coming months.

Within the Committee we decide on office-bearers. The main roles are Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Minutes of each meeting are kept and there is a financial report every month presented by our Treasurer aberdeenunitarians@gmail.com

Chair, Jean Scobbie

I was born into the Unitarian Church and christened in the old church in Skene Street so I am a lifelong Unitarian. My grandfather attended the church and my mother was a much admired and cherished trustee until her death in 2014. I found that the iconic leaders of Sunday School, Girl Guides and YPL helped instil healthy morals and values that have contributed to the person I am today.

I trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music in Glasgow and my musical skills have been put to good use over the years at church concerts, functions and services. I owe so much to the church for introducing me to a plethora of wonderful, open-minded people.

Jean Scobbie Aberdeen Unitarians Chair


Safeguarding our Community

If you suspect that an adult or a child who attends church or church activities may be at risk in some way, please raise your concerns with one of the Committee members who are Safeguarding Officers or speak directly to our Safeguarding Coordinator, Rhona Stewart.

If the child or adult speaks directly to you about their concerns you should reassure them that it was right to seek help and explain that you will contact, confidentially, someone who can offer the best type of help or support.

If you think the person is in immediate danger you should contact the police.